Sunday, October 15, 2006

Arrival in Buenos Aires

It has been seven short weeks since arriving in the beautiful South American city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. My life has changed somewhat, as you can imagine! BsAs is one of the most sociable cities in the world. And my calendar is booked up at least a week, if not two, in advance.

Daytime hours are spent learning Spanish at the University of Buenos Aires, visiting the many historical and cultural venues of the city and developing friendships with the warm Argentine people. Evening hours are often spent at a tango show, the underground theatre, a ballet, or sharing a meal and a glass of wine with new friends from around the world.

The wine and gastronomy in Argentina are phenomemal, with restaurants and cafes serving the best of Argentine cuisine on every corner and at every turn.

I am also finding myself assisting an organization called ABC Prodein. It provides assistance to disadvantaged children in a low-income area of the city. Along with other volunteers I am helping the organization develop a bilingual brochure which will be used to share the wonderful work they are doing.

Discovery: It is amazing how interesting and enriching life can be when structure is left behind.

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