Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More Exciting Details: Argentina Chin Chin! Travel Adventure 2012

Since the Firefly Willows L*I*V*E* Internet radio interview this past Sunday I've received some emails from interested travelers about the upcoming Argentina Chin Chin! Travel Adventure this fall. So to whet your appetite for a "trip of a lifetime", I thought you'd be interested in getting a peak at what you will experience:

Feel the Excitement of "Paris of the South": Your adventure starts with a half-day city tour of cosmopolitan Buenos Aires. You will see first hand where European immigrants built their homes and walk in the same streets they did. You will explore the city’s beginning in La Boca (home of the infamous Argentina soccer team), the Spanish and French architecture of San Telmo, and the more upscale and elegant Recoleta with its infamous above-ground cemetery. The nostalgia of days gone by will embrace you and the potential of the decades ahead inspire you.

The Tumultuous Tango: Time to awaken your flirtatious side! With fun, personalized lessons, along with an energetic and soulful tango show and your own "milonga" (dance hall) debut, you will be introduced to one of the most mysterious and seductive dances ever created.

Self-Indulgence 101: Treat yourself to a spa day, new hair style, manicure or facial at a top-notch "peluqueria" (salon). Shop until you absolutely drop in the unique boutiques that abound in fashion-conscious Buenos Aires. You deserve it!

Gorgeous Gastronomy and Wicked Wines: Indulge in delicious Argentine beef, homemade pastas, irresistible pastries and some of the most exquisite wines on the planet from Argentina's own wine valley Mendoza. We will arm you with a list of the most wonderful restaurants, cafes and gelato shops that Buenos Aires has to offer.

Romancing the Ranch: Discover the traditional Argentine country-side in San Antonio de Areco. Feast on regional dishes, get to know the artists in the many artesenal shops and take a journey through this historical town in a horse-drawn carriage. In November, Argentina celebrates the “Dia de la Tradicion” and San Antonio de Areco comes alive with gaucho games, horse showing, music and folkloric dancing.

Sound enticing? This is just the beginning! You have been put on our magical Chin Chin! mailing list for further Argentina Chin Chin! Adventure updates. So stay tuned for more exciting details.

Until next time, let's Chin Chin!

Chin Chin! Tip: Why not rent an Argentine film this week to get a feel for exotic Buenos Aires? Recommendation: The Tango Lesson with Sally Potter (available in the foreign film section in a video store nearest you).

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